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1. Analysis of the pellet feed to obtain the approximate sample content of iron and silica.

Solution capable of indicating the approximate content of iron and/or silica of a pellet feed sample of iron ore in fine fraction. The current response time of the product quality of the pellet feed is 8 hours (chemical analysis), which impairs a quick decision making when we face a iron/silica content out of the clients specification. The proposed solution must be able to provide a real-time or a much faster analysis of the content than the current method, evaluating the parameters that determine the quality of the pellets. With this solution we have a better control of the process, by minimizing the production of batches of pellet feed out of the specification.

2. Early analysis of granulometric type and distribution of a determined portion of ore in mining.

Create georeferenced images UTM and local coordinates of all mining sectors within the trimester planning, with pre-identification of ROM (run of mine) typology, sterile and intrusive rocks. This identification is possible by crossing typological characteristics with the material color and texture. This pre-identification allows mapping agility to create the geological model for planning the geological samples at a short term. In addition, we will have a previous analysis of the granulometric distribution of a certain portion of ore and, starting from a specific standard model, we will be able to obtain a relevant information of the characteristics of the ROM.

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