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1 - Evaluation of forestry quality and health

We look for new solutions to facilitate decision making and guarantee the quality of our forest. We are currently evaluating the water deficit for satellite imagery and geoprocessing, but we still have great support from the operational team for field conference. In addition, pest detection and quality evaluation of operations is also dependent on field work. In this context, we are looking for innovative solutions to:

  • Pest detection.
  • Infestation level.
  • Forests mortality (water deficit).
  • Assessment of forest vigor (NDVI) (forestry nutrition, pest control).
  • Quantification of claims from the following causes: wood fallen by the wind, theft, fire.
2 – Quantification of wood that enters the furnace and wood in field stock.

We are looking for solutions that help us quantify wood in the field and in the carbonization process before being placed in the furnace, establish the volume of wood present, and calculate the weight based on some data such as wood type, density and humidity. Currently, the measurement of the piles is manual and performed by a field team. With this, we can improve the efficiency of the carbonization process in order to increase production per batch.

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